Frequently Asked Questions

T-shirts and Fleece

How Long is your normal turnaround time?

Our normal turnaround time is 10 business days (2 weeks) or less on most jobs. If the job looks like it is going to go over, we will contact you asap. Jobs with specific due dates will be notified upon bidding if they can be completed or not. We also have a page that we update weekly with our current turn around. It’s viewable by clicking “current turnaround” on the left had side of our site. All rough turn around times are estimates, and are not guarantees unless you get it in writing from us.

What are Screen set up fees?

To do screenprinting, we use silkscreens. Each screen set up is $15.00 each. This is a one time charge per design to get your films and screens made and into our system. If you ordered a shirt in 2003, and then are reordering the same design this year, you will not be recharched the screen fee. Please note that if your design is a 2 color design, there are 2 screen charges, one for each color we use.? Screen fees are waived on order of 200 pieces or more.

What is your minimum shirt run?

Our minimum shirt run is now 12 pieces.

Can I get a picture of what my shirt is going to look like before you start printing them?

Ofcourse! We send a digital mock for you to approve before we start any job.? Digital mocks are the second stage of our order system, only after the order is placed and confirmed.

How big can you guys print?

16″ x 16″ is our maximum print area for all of the posted pricing. ?If you want oversized prints, we can do that too, it’s just priced differently and we need to see what you got cooking.

Is it cheaper to provide my own shirts?

Yes and no. If you are getting your shirts for nothing in a close out sale, then yes. If you are buying your shirts at Walmart to try and save a buck, then no.

How do I tell you what color ink I want to use on my shirts?

You can choose one of our standard colors, or you can give us a pantone number, or a jpeg swatch. Jpeg swatches may vary from monitor to monitor, but we haven’t had problems in the past.

Do I have to order 12 per size/color/style to get this pricing?

Not on most shirts, it’s best to ask when ordering something not priced on this site though.

Can I mix sizes within an order?

Absolutely. Our pricing is based on the total number of pieces in a print run. So for example, you can do 1 youth large, 58 of another size and so on. Please remember that size xxl and above are $1.00 more each shirt.

What if I want to change the color of the shirt in the middle of the run? Is there an extra charge for that?

No. You can change the color of the shirt as many times as you want in the middle of a run without being charged for it. Only the changing of inks get charged. Keep in mind if you are printing in white ink on colored shirts, and you want some shirts white, it’s not going to work out for you.

Is 50/50 better than 100% cotton shirts?

Our opinion is that 100% cotton will print better for you. Most dark colored 50/50 shirts will do what’s called “dye migration”. This means, if you have a red shirt, and we print standard white ink on it, it’s going to turn pink when it goes through the oven. We have a special ink to fix this, but it’s not as soft as the standard plastisol used on 100% cotton shirts.

Do 100% cotton shirts shrink a lot?

100% cotton shirts are pre-shrunk during the dye process. They may shrink a little bit, but not a whole size, and certainly not enough to sway you from choosing 50/50 over 100% cotton.

Do you have a size chart?

Why yes, we do!


Art preparation for all merch (garments, pins, records, etc)

How do i send you my art?

Please use our upload system, which is very simple to use by clicking here. You are also more than welcome to email it to, or mail us a cd (no floppy discs or zip discs please) to:

Blue Collar Industries, Inc.
attn: Art
2201 Delaware St.
Lawrence, Ks. 66046

My art is over 10mb big, now how do I sent it to you?

Please use our online file transfer system by clicking here, or you are more than welcome to upload it to your personal server and email us the url, or the username/login if it’s your personal ftp.

What type of art do you guys prefer to receive art in?

We prefer artwork to be in Illustrator or Photoshop (we have cs2, so any version is fine). If it’s Illustrator, please send it the size you want it to be printed using our templates, and make sure you save text as outlines, and that each color is on it’s own layer. If it’s Photoshop, please make sure the artwork is to the size you want printed, and that it’s atleast 300 dpi, and also that each color is on it’s own layer. 72 dpi images are for web, not printing, and will look terrible.

Business and payments

What payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex), Wire transfers, Paypal (, and in some cases checks and moneyorders.

When is payment due?

We require that a credit card be on file before we start your project. We don’t run your card until the job is completed, shipped and approved. Even if you are using paypal, we need some sort of security that the job is going to be paid.

I own a label (or am in a band), and I plan on using you for a ton of stuff, but my initial order is for only 24 shirts, can I get the thousand bulk price if I promise to use you exclusively?

Sadly no. We hope that our quality and service will win you over to be a loyal customer. We reevaluate every 6 months, and if a customer is doing large numbers, we adjust pricing accordingly.

I am a huge fan of (insert band, show, etc here), but they don’t make merch. I really want a pin or some shirts with this image on it, can you help me?

We will not. We are very strict about bootlegging. Almost all of the guys who own Blue Collar are / have been in bands that have been bootlegged. It sucks, and it’s not cool to do, no matter if little to no money is being made off of it.

Do you guys trade?

We’ve traded for pizza, transformers, beef jerkey, and massages in the past. If your business does something of value to us, we are open, show us what you got.

Do you guys donate shirts?

We do on a case by case basis, please let us know the details, and we’ll see if it fits into our charity budget.


How much is shipping?

A standard box holds 72 t-shirts, and weighs around 32 pounds. you can estimate how much it is going to cost by using your area code and ours (66046). We only charge actual shipping costs, there are no “handling” fees.


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How do you ship?

We can ship your order via UPS, FED EX, or USPS. Each one had different options, please let us know if you have special needs. Please note that only USPS ships to P.O. Boxes and if we are given a P.O. Box address, the shipping will default to USPS.

Do you guys deliver in town?

Not until we get our 60′s VW micro bus with the front awning windshields. But we make exceptions from time to time, please call us about it. (if you have a line on a bus that functions, let us know!)

I live in town, can I just pick it up?

Absolutely! this is where we are!


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