ART PREPARATION: Nothing is more important to the quality of your print than delivering workable artwork. Here are the best ways to achieve this.

ILLUSTRATOR & PDF: Vector files need to have all text saved as outlines. It’s also important that Illustrator files do not have other art files linked but missing from your art folder.

PHOTOSHOP (.psd, .jpg, .png) : Raster art files need to be built and saved to the size that you want it printed, and at no lower than 300 pixels per inch resolution. Images off of the internet are generally at 72 pixels per inch, images this size are not generally reproducible at an acceptable quality. It’s also worth noting that taking a 72 pixel per inch item and saving it up to 300 pixels per inch will not get you where you need to be, in this case you need to have your artist rebuild it from scratch. Blue Collar has professional artists on staff that can rebuild you art for a small fee as well.